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Goodbye my 931, thank you for providing me with a blank canvas to create my own little world. Thank you for introducing me to some of my favorite people on this Earth and for housing some of the most epic moments of my life thus far. I loved walking up your stairs every day, falling asleep to the sounds of others creating, painting on your walls, hanging out your windows. Sometimes you made me scared but you also strengthened my faith. The memories made in this building are some of my most treasured. Sunrises after late nights on the roof, Friendsgiving 2 years in a row frying the turkey on the sidewalk, shooting my first music video, completing my first musical project, "931", spending days with all my Watts family kids here making music together , watching other artists work. Community has to be one of my favorite things this world can provide and 931 was that without even trying. I'll never forget the first song I wrote here a few days after I moved in... I played it really loud when I was done and my neighbors started banging on the walls and yelling out the window that they loved it. I remember just sitting on the floor and putting my face in my hands and smiling and laughing. I never felt more like I had found my own home. I love you like you are your own soul. I'm so emotional today... I cried last night falling asleep for the last time with you... but the future is beautiful.



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